DV Lottery Statistics - Chances of Winning

What are my chances of winning the Diversity Visa Lottery?

iVisa | Updated on Feb 16, 2021

The Diversity Visa Lottery, also known as the green card lottery, awards about 50,000 applicants each year with permanent residency in the U.S. If you have dreams of living in the United States, you’re probably curious about your odds of becoming one of the lucky winners.

We’ve designed this Diversity Visa Lottery Tool to display your chances of winning a green card based on your nationality. In the dropdown below, simply select your country to see the green card winner statistics for applicants of your nationality in recent years.

After viewing your chances, let iVisa.com help you get started with your Diversity Visa application. The deadline for this year’s application process is November 2021, with winners receiving a green card that is valid starting in 2023. Our team of experts will review your application to make sure there are no errors or missing information. Increase your chances of becoming a winner by starting your Diversity Visa application with iVisa.com.

DV Lottery Statistics - Chances of Winning

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* Data from 2008-2017. Includes derivatives (spouses and unmarried children under 21)

What are my chances of getting a green card?

Keep in mind that only about 50% of the winners of the Diversity Visa Lottery obtain a Diversity Visa. This is due to the strict requirements of the application process. The numbers you see in the Diversity Visa Lottery Tool display the total number of lottery winners, as well as green cards awarded compared with the total number of green card applicants for that country.

How does the application for the Diversity Visa Lottery work?

The next round of the Diversity Visa Lottery has a deadline of November 2021. If you are successfully issued a green card, it will be valid starting in 2023. You should get started right away on your application in case you need to make any changes.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you in filling out the Diversity Visa Lottery Entry Form. Keep in mind that the entry form is only the first step in obtaining your diversity visa, and if your application is accepted there are additional steps you will need to complete.

To get the entry form, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  • Fill out the entry form application at iVisa.com, and our team of experts will review your form to ensure there are no mistakes.
  • Obtain your government-compliant photo with our visa photo tool. Simply take a selfie, and we will take care of the rest to make sure your photos fit the government requirements.
  • Make your payment for the entry form and our expert review service using a credit card or your Paypal account.
  • Follow the next steps in the Diversity Visa Lottery Preparation Guide, an instructional guide we created just for you to prepare you for every step of the process after the entry form, including what to do if you are selected for an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Diversity Visa Lottery?

The Diversity Visa Lottery is a special program designed to increase the diversity of immigrants in the U.S. by offering permanent residency to nationals of countries that don’t send a high amount of immigrants to the United States. Every year, up to 50,000 winners are selected in a random drawing. If your application is chosen, you will need to complete additional steps in order to obtain the Diversity Visa, also known as a green card.

iVisa.com provides a simple and secure service to help you obtain the entry form for the green card lottery in a 100% error-free manner.

How are the winners selected every year?

Every year, there are about 100,000 winners of the Diversity Visa Lottery. However, being selected for the lottery does NOT guarantee that you get a Diversity Visa. All DV Lottery winners must move on to the second round of the process, where they must meet a certain set of qualifications and complete an interview. Only about 50% of DV lottery winners complete the entire process successfully, meaning that around 50,000 Diversity Visas are issued in total every year. Our Visa Diversity Tool displays the total number of applicants who successfully receive a Diversity Visa in each country.

At iVisa.com, we can help you complete the first step in the DV Lottery process by filling out the Diversity Visa Entry Form. Our experts will carefully review each part of your application to be sure there are no mistakes.

How many people apply for the DV visa every year?

In fiscal year 2021, more than 23.2 million people applied to the green card lottery.

How can I Increase my chances of winning the green card lottery?

Each year, many applicants are disqualified right from the start because of mistakes they make on their application. For example, an incorrectly formatted photo or a false family status are enough to get you ejected from the process. Unfortunately, the US government does not alert you to these mistakes and does not offer the chance to make any corrections.

To make sure you give yourself the best chance of being a green card lottery winner, follow the tips below:

  • Use our expert services at iVisa.com. Our team of immigration experts will individually review your application and alert you if there are mistakes or any missing information, so you can be sure you are as prepared as possible.
  • Obtain your government-compliant photo with the iVisa.com Photo Service. Simply upload a selfie, and we take care of the rest to ensure that your photo meets 100% of the government requirements for the DV Lottery application such as size, background, and lighting.
  • Follow the next steps. We designed a Diversity Visa Lottery Preparation Guide just for you to help you complete the rest of the steps after submitting your entry form. You will receive this guide after completing the initial form.

Can I include my spouse and children in the application?

Only if you're legally married will you be able to include your spouse and any children 20 years or younger on your DV Lottery application.

Why should I trust iVisa.com?

With over seven years of experience under our belts, iVisa.com specializes in providing travelers all over the world with the immigration and travel documentation safely, securely, and in an error-free way. Check out the reviews from our hundreds of satisfied customers.

Our team of immigration experts individually reviews each and every application we receive to give you the best chances of becoming a green card lottery winner. Should you have any questions before or during your application process, our customer service agents are ready to assist you around the clock.